Online Poker And The Surge Of Its Usage In Recent Times

Online Poker And The Surge Of Its Usage In Recent Times

Online Poker And The Surge Of Its Usage In Recent Times

Modern poker games often involve the first round of betting, which begins with one or more of the players who make some form of a forced bet. It has been responsible for the huge increase in the number of poker players worldwide. At the same time, traditional venues for playing Poker online in casinos and poker rooms are intimidating for novice players and are located in geographically disparate locations. 

Casinos often are reluctant to promote poker games there because they are unable to generate enough profit from it. Since time change of traditional casinos is high, hence the opportunity cost of running a poker room is even higher. It is convenient for them to set up slot machines instead of keeping poker rooms as they make more money from it.

The game is played online!

However, hosting คาสิโน Winbet2u Poker online is relatively cheaper since they have fewer overhead costs. For a brick and mortar casino, adding another room for Poker will rake up the cost, which would not take place in the case of online Poker. 

Online venues are often unbearable for a certain type of fraud, like collusion between players. However, they also come with detection abilities that do not necessarily exist in the brick and mortar case. Online Poker has software where they can check player’s IP addresses to prevent players from the same household or known open proxy servers from playing the same tables. There is a mechanism of digital fingerprinting which allows poker sites to recognize and block players who create new accounts in an attempt to circumvent new account bans, restriction and closure. Poker became competitive!

These days online Poker has garnered huge popularity among novice players as they offer varying features that entice new players. A new feature is introduced where they offer tournaments called satellites where the winners gain entry to a real-life poker tournament. October 2009 marked the entry of Sporting bet, which is considered as the world’s largest publicly traded online gaming company (SBTL), which announced the acquisition of, considered as the online Poker industries first and largest card rooms. There is a huge rush in the number of online poker websites, and among them, Pokerstars and iPoker Network has leveraged massive popularity. 

With February 2010, there is approximately 545 online poker website where about two dozen are standalone sites, and the remaining operating sites are called skins which operates on 21 different shared network, the largest being iPoker which has dozen of skins operating on the network. By 2014, Pokerstar became the largest public-traded company in the Poker industry. 

The popularity of Poker Game in times of the Pandemic

The Covid-19 Pandemic has shifted the focus of regular poker users to online Poker. Since most of the casinos and live gaming venues worldwide are closed, hence it is easier for them to host live poker games on online slot platforms. The operators have confirmed that an increase in traffic by two to three times than regular is observed, which depends on the time of day. 


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